Our Counselling Services

The Service
The Service originated in 1983 when it was recognised that a need for counselling provision existed in this area.
The professional standard of the Service has been developed with the help of professional bodies and the support of an Advisory Committee of local professional people.

The Work
The Service has a team of trained and experienced counsellors.
Counsellors have regular supervision by a qualified Psychotherapist and in-service training.
The Service works from a Psychodynamic and Person Centred orientation, but also offers short term and supportive counselling, with the depth, length and style of counselling varying according to the individual client’s needs.

Aims & Objectives
To promote the preservation and protection of good mental health and in particular by establishing and maintaining a confidential counselling service to people suffering from illness, anxiety, bereavement, marital difficulties or who are in need of counselling by reason of their social and economic circumstances.

Fee Charged
Donations - we receive no statutory funding.
It is a policy of the Counselling Service that no one is refused counselling because of lack of means to pay, however clients are asked to pay what they can reasonably afford.

Professional Standards
The Service adheres to the B.A.C.P. Code of Ethics and professional standards.

North Warwickshire Counselling Service has been an active voluntary counselling service in this area since 1984. During this time we have helped hundreds of people come to terms with a wide range of emotional difficulties and to have a more positive attitude to life.

We are professionally trained qualified counsellors with diverse backgrounds including cross cultural experience, working within the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy guidelines, who give their time voluntary for the benefit of the community.

All the counsellors are regularly supervised and adhere to the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy code of ethics.

The Service is available to all, regardless of race, colour, age, disability, sex or sexual orientation.