Psychodynamic Counselling

Psychodynamic counselling is about enabling a person to make changes in his/her life which he/she feels would be of benefit. This often involves a clearer understanding of what led to him/her having a particular problem in the first place. A painful situation in the present may have its roots in the past, but the individual may not be aware of the connection

Psychodynamic counselling assists a person to uncover these hidden links, which in turn allows the individual greater freedom of thought and action

People have a tendency to repeat patterns of behaviour, and even when they would like to change, they find themselves unable to do so. These patterns may repeat themselves in the counselling room and this enables the client to look at his/her behaviour patterns without fear of retaliation

Psychodynamic counselling is based, among other things, on the understanding of the unfolding of a person’s life from birth onwards. It also includes an understanding of the network of relationships that develop during growth into adulthood
This model of counselling draws on the insights of psychoanalysis as a way of understanding the human personality, including the way individuals interact with each other

It takes note of the unconscious mind as well as conscious attitudes and aids the resolution of unconscious conflicts which allows for the development of a person’s full potential
It provides a safe place in which to explore past and present feelings and the meaning of past and current relationships.